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World Of Final Fantasy Maxima (Switch)

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Square Enix

  • SGD 6000

Originally released in October 2016, World of Final Fantasy is now available on Nintendo Switch as the powered-up Final Fantasy Maxima! Beloved characters from FF lore (Champions) and a multitude of capturable monsters (Mirages) appear in this fun and exciting adventure. This new and enhanced version of World of Final Fantasy also features the Avatar Change system, which allows the protagonists, Reynn and Lann, to fight as Champions. Fight your way through exhilarating battles as legendary Final Fantasy heroes!



  • Carry 12 Mirages instead of 10 now
  • Unlock "Treasure Search" to make finding treasure easier
  • Lots of rare items and new game added
  • Listen to the song "Innocent" from World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo in theater Mode
  • "Sandstalker" minigame now easier to play
  • Three starter Mirages now easier to catch
  • New "Nightmare" difficulty, new secret ending, and many more

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