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Resident Evil Village Gold Edition (PS5)

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  • See the eighth core entry in the Resident Evil series from a new vantage point in Third Person Mode. In addition to the intense first-person view players enjoyed in the initial release of Resident Evil Village, they can now watch Ethan in action and experience his journey from a new angle in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Winters’ Expansion.
  • In addition to engaging enemies, in Resident Evil Village, Ethan can guard against incoming assaults, or kick foes away to buy time, allowing players to strategize the best approach for surviving the challenges ahead.
  • Recognizable features return Resident Evil Village that nod to previous Resident Evil titles, such as The Duke, a merchant who allows players to buy and sell items, purchase recipes for crafting, and customize weapons.
  • The Shadows of Rose resumes the Winters family saga 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village. The new tale of this expansion follows Rose Winters, the daughter of main protagonist Ethan, as she struggles with her terrifying powers. Explore the warped and twisted world inside the consciousness of the Megamycete in search of a cure.

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