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Playseat TV Stand Pro 3S


  • SGD 41000

Looking for the ultimate sim racing set up at home? We have the Playseat TV Stand Pro 3S for you! With the Pro 3S you can expand the Playseat TV Stand Pro with two additional screens, to have a total of three screens on the stand. This way you will be surrounded by the thrilling images of the racing game you're playing! So you won't only have a front view, but also will be able to see what's happening left and right of your racing car, for the most realistic sim racing experience available at home. The three TV's which can be mounted on the silver Playseat TV Stand Pro 3S will have the perfect height for playing racing games.



  • Multi-functional TV stand extension
  • Race-proven extremely durable metallic grey framework
  • Fits all VESA sizes up to 400 mm
  • Maximum demonstrated screen weight of 40 kg
  • Experience the most realistic visuals possible
  • Fully equipped to be ready for all future upgrades

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