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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Switch)


  • SGD 5900

Get your fill of ghouls and beasts in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. A roster of monsters brings harrowing excitement to your screen, while quests and ranks provide increasing levels of difficulty as you progress through the game. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate features co-op multiplayer modes, loot crafting and customizable play options for a unique gaming experience.



  • This game features a blend of classic gameplay and unique new twists, brand-new areas and monsters to explore
  • Take on the role of a brave hunter on an adrenaline-fueled adventure challenging huge beasts
  • Hunters can face off against the series' large roster of unique monsters
  • Completing quests will yield valuable resources for crafting countless distinct weapons and equipment
  • Hunters are encouraged to explore and customize the experience between quests to discover their preferred, highly personalized play style
  • Players of the original Monster Hunter Generations can transfer save data from the previous title to continue their journey in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
  • One-player or multiplayer support for up to four players over the Internet or local wireless


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