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Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Logitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

GameShop Asia

  • SGD 4500

Improve mouse control and precise cursor placement. The cloth surface of G640 provides ideal surface friction for low DPI gaming. Consistent surface texture improves sensor performance, especially when used with Logitech G gaming sensors. And the soft rubber base maintains stability without sacrificing comfort.



  • Moderate surface friction: Improves control for rapid mouse movements common to low DPI gaming
  • Consistent surface texture: Delivers better sensor imaging and gaming performance
  • Optimal Logitech G Sensor Surface: Gives you the fullest Logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and precision
  • Comfortable rubber base: Keeps the mouse in place during high intensity gaming
  • Large gaming surface: Allows for wide mouse motion

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