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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin (PS4)

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Square Enix

  • SGD 7200

  • Layers of challenging action illustrate the story.
  • Battles are punctuated by iconic actions and abilities from the FF series. After depleting an enemy's Break gauge to zero, deliver a finishing blow using a soul burst, shattering the crystalized enemy to oblivion.
  • Various types of weapons determine a character's job when equipped. Acquire new abilities and jobs through a character enhancement system called the Job Tree. Completing the picture, equipped weapons and gear are reflected in the character's appearance.
  • For the first time ever in a non-MMO entry in the Final Fantasy series, every piece of gear equipped will be visually represented in game. A richly rewarding crafting system and bountiful loot lets you customize your entire party and choose how you look and play.
  • Experience co-op play in a group of up to 3 players through online multiplayer mode. Enjoy the main story and side missions with your friends.

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