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Steamworld Collection (PS4) - GameShop Asia

Steamworld Collection (PS4)

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Rising Star Games

  • SGD 1700


SteamWorld Dig

  • A platform mining adventure full of secrets, treasure and terrors.
  • Discover a world of steam-driven robots, inspired by Western and Steampunk themes.
  • Dig your way through the old earth, gaining riches while uncovering the ancient threat that lurks below.
  • Uncover the remnants of human civilization, a degenerate race of dynamite-wielding troglodytes.
  • Critically acclaimed with a 75%+ Metacritic rating.

SteamWorld Heist

  • Command a steam-driven robot pirate crew in epic tactical shootouts.
  • Turn-based strategy with a twist: manually aim the guns of your robots, allowing for insane skill shots and bullet-bouncing action!
  • Board, loot and shoot your way through enemy spaceships and upgrade your recruits with unique abilities, weapons, and of course stylish hats!
  • Kind to newcomers yet deep and challenging for veterans, with around twenty hours of gameplay, as well as New Game+
  • Loved by critics with an 80%+ Metacritic rating

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