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Pokemon Legends Arceus (Nintendo Switch)

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  • SGD 7100

  • Catch, survey and research wild Pokemon to create and complete the Sinnoh region’s first Pokedex.
  • Honours past Pokemon games’ core gameplay while infusing new action and RPG elements.
  • Story unfolds in a long-gone era, before ideas such as being a Pokemon Trainer or having a Pokemon League even existed. All around, you’ll find Pokemon living wild in harsh environments that make for a Sinnoh unlike the region you may remember from the days of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.
  • To catch Pokemon, you can observe them to learn their behaviour, then carefully sneak up, aim your Poke Ball and let fly.
  • Have your ally Pokemon battle wild Pokemon that you hope to catch. Just throw the Poke Ball holding your ally Pokemon near a wild Pokemon, and you will seamlessly enter battle. Command your Pokemon by choosing from moves it knows.

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