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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (Nintendo Switch) - GameShop Asia

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (Nintendo Switch)

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Koei Tecmo

  • SGD 5500

  • Tactical and strategic war elements to the 1 vs 1000 action of the revered Dynasty Warriors series.
  • Features scenarios that transport gamers to different periods, enabling them to play through historic moments like the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Battle of Chibi.
  • Re-write your own history of the Three Kingdoms in ways you have never imagined, like unifying China with all officers from Wu still alive, or by assembling your favourite officers into one command, or even by sparking a rebellion to take control of the map.
  • Gamers will be rewarded with one of six titles based on reputation. After receiving your title, the affinity between you and the other officers will change, and there will even be special events to help showcase the truly good and truly evil among us.

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