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Dragon Ball The Breakers Special Edition (Nintendo Switch) - GameShop Asia

Dragon Ball The Breakers Special Edition (Nintendo Switch)

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Bandai Namco

  • SGD 5400

  • Whether you are a Raider or a Survivor choose your progression path and unlock perks, skins, etc. to fine tune your own personal look and strategy to escape as a Survivor or hunt as a Raider.
  • As a Raider, you will enjoy overwhelming powers to hunt and wipe out survivors. Master each of the Raider’s powers to track and catch your victims, and evolve to get even more powerful.
  • As a Survivor, escape from a large map composed of several areas, but be careful as The Raider is always on the lookout, and may destroy areas limiting any chance of escape.
  • Cooperate with others while there is still time but the Raider or other Survivors’ decisions may force you to go it alone. How will you play?
  • Vehicles, weapons, grappling hooks, etc.. Make the most of each against the Raider and strive for survival.

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